12-year old boy injured in pit bull attack on Bauman Road

A 12-year old boy was rushed to hospital this past Monday morning when a neighbor’s pit bull dog escaped and bit him on the arm. According to Channel 11’s report, the boy was walking to school in the 7900 block of Bauman Road when the attack happened. Investigating officers said it appeared the dog has pushed a cinder block to the side and escaped through a gap in the home’s fence. One boy said this was not the first time the dog had attacked and recounted another incident when the dog started to bite and rip the pants of kids walking past the home. The dog’s owner Raydene Ambriz however claims the dog is frequently provoked by kids who will kick at the fence or throw stones at the dog. Fortunately the boy’s injuries were not life threatening and he was taken to LBJ Hospital for treatment. The pit bull will be quarantined by BARC for 10-days and checked for rabies, a standard procedure when a person is bitten.
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Photo credit: Andrew Horansky, KHOU 11 News

Photo credit: Andrew Horansky KHOU 11 News

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