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Michael Bisotooni identified as victim of accident caused by red light runner

Harris County Sheriff’s Office has identified Michael Bisotooni as the driver killed in an intersection accident last night in Houston, and a driver who ran a red light is being blamed. HCSO investigators told Channel 13 News that a blue Chevrolet pickup was speeding northbound in the 1000 block of Mason and ran a red light at the Interstate 10 feeder road just after 9:00 p.m. The Chevy smashed into a westbound Toyota Tacoma, driven by Michael Bisotooni. The Toyota then spun out and hit a Pontiac waiting at the red light on Mason. Deputies say the 21-year old male driving the Chevy pickup admitted to “having a few beers” but he passed a field sobriety test. Michael Bisotooni appears to be affiliated with local business Four Seasons Valet Parking LLC and was in his early 50’s.

Michael Bisotooni fatal accident Mason Road Houston

Photo credit: Channel 13 News Houston

Woman killed in alleged drunk driving wreck on Old Galveston Road

Police suspect the driver of a GMC Envoy was drunk when he (allegedly) ran a red light and caused a fatal collision in southeast Houston last night.  The three car accident happened at the intersection of Old Galveston Road and Edgebrook.  Police say the man was driving the GMC Envoy on Old Galveston Road when he crashed into a white-colored Honda Civic that was in the intersection; the Civic then collided with an Isuzu Trooper SUV.  From Channel 13’s picture of the crash scene it appears the Civic sustained major damage, primarily to the driver’s side front corner.  Tragically a female passenger in the Civic died in the accident.  When officers came to the scene they found the driver of the GMC Envoy hiding in bushes: he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. It is expected the man will be charged with driving while intoxicated and possibly intoxication manslaughter. A story posted this morning to Channel 11 news’ web site states that the driver of the Honda Civic is also expected of driving drunk, and he will be charged with DWI too.

drunk driving accident Honda Civic Old Galveston Road

Photo credit: Channel 13 News Houston

Old Galveston and Edgebrook drunk driving accident

Photo credit: KHOU Channel 11 News

18-wheeler and cement truck collide in accident on Spring Cypress

An 18-wheeler and a dump truck came to blows this morning at the intersection of Spring Cypress and Cutten in northwest Harris County.  All lanes were shut down on the two roads as crews worked to clear the badly damaged vehicles.  According to KHOU there were no reports of any injuries from the accident, which while good news is highly surprising given the 18-wheeler was knocked over onto its side and the cab of the cement truck was destroyed.

18 wheeler accident Harris County

Photo credit: KHOU Air 11

Rear end accident on Hempstead Hwy claims one life

A passenger was killed when the small car he/she was riding in was struck in the rear and sustained major damage on eastbound Hempstead Highway and West by Northwest Boulevard. The crash happened around 6:00 a.m. on Thursday March 21st as the small car waited to turn left off Hempstead Highway. The driver who caused the rear end accident, according to Channel 2, told crash investigators he was having a hard time seeing due to the headlights on oncoming vehicles. The driver of the small car was injured and transported to hospital: the names of the persons involved have not yet been released.

hempstead why and w by nw blvd accident

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Highway 90 accident ejects, kills 10-year old boy

A 10-year old boy was tragically killed in an intersection car accident on Highway 90 near Uvalde Road in the Channelview area. Harris County Sheriff’s Office told Channel 2 that the boy, Carmelo Cornejo, was traveling with his mother Maria Cornejo in her Pontiac, when the Pontiac allegedly ran a red light and struck a Toyota Scion. Carmelo was riding the back seat of the Pontiac: he was ejected in the crash and died at the scene. Maria Cornejo was taken to Memorial Hermann via Life Flight helicopter in critical condition. The driver of the Scion and a 3-year old child riding as passenger were taken to LBJ Hospital: that child was properly restrained in a car seat and is expected to be okay, despite it being a serious collision. Family members say Maria Cornejo was driving Carmelo back from the doctor’s appointment, and that the boy had a heart condition. It will be up to the District Attorney’s Office to decide whether any charges will be filed, since Corenjo allegedly ran the red light.
Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.412 requires any child under 8-years old ride in a passenger vehicle in a child passenger safety seat system, unless the child is taller than 4 feet 9″. Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.413 makes it an offense to allow a child under the age of 17 (not required to be a child passenger safety seat system) to ride in a vehicle without requiring them to be secured with a safety belt.
What happened to Carmelo is a tragic accident that, of course, nobody intended. It underscores the importance of safety belts and safety seats for children, because you cannot predict when a serious car accident will happen. And because children are smaller than adults, in a serious accident if they are not restrained there is greater potential they could be ejected through an open or broken window.
car accident passenger ejected

Photo credit: Channel 2 Houston

Female pedestrian killed on FM 1097 East in Willis, Texas

A female pedestrian was killed after she was hit by a pickup truck early this morning as she walked on the improved shoulder of FM 1097 East in Willis, Texas. According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, when EMS arrived on the scene the woman was deceased in the American Legion parking lot, having been thrown just over 100 feet in the collision.  The white-colored Chevrolet 2500 utility truck that struck the woman was driven by 30-year old Jeffery Atkinson from Willis. The police reporter article states Atkinson said he did not see the woman prior to striking her.  A field sobriety test and breath-alcohol test both indicated that alcohol was not a factor in the accident.  The name of the woman who died in the accident has not yet been released, pending notification of her family members.  The pickup truck showed a significant amount of damage to the passenger side front.

pedestrian accident willis texas Jeffrey Atkinson

Photo credit: Montgomery County Police Reporter

Mark Cordero reportedly killed in motorcycle accident in Willis TX

Local media is reporting that Mark Cordero was killed yesterday evening in a collision between his motorcycle and a car delivering pizza. Channel 13 states that Mark Cordero and his passenger Patricia Buscemi were heading westbound on FM 1097 near Willis, Texas when the pizza delivery car turned in front of their motorbike. The motorcycle struck the car, throwing Mr. Cordero from the motorbike. Ms. Buscemi was taken to the hospital in critical condition. It appears this accident happened at night: frequently motorcycle accidents such as this are the result of drivers of four-wheeled vehicles only half paying attention and not seeing the single headlight of a motorcycle approaching. While motorcyclists are often blamed for collisions, statistically it is actually more likely the larger vehicle is to blame. How awful for Mr. Cordero’s family and friends; hopefully Ms. Buscemi’s condition will improve.
If a fund is set up to help pay for costs, please email us the information so we can include it here.
Patricia Buscemi Mark Cordero motorcycle accident FM 1097

Photo credit: Channel 13 News

Women hospitalized after dog attack at Covered Bridge Condominiums

Two women were hospitalized after a dog attack by this morning at the Covered Bridge Condominium Complex at 5005 Georgi Lane in HoustonAccording to a Channel 2 News report, Sonny Pena’s two-year old Boxer named Rocky attacked the two women just before 7:00 a.m., inflicting serious injury, primarily to the women’s legs. A Houston firefighter who arrived to help was then bitten by another of Pena’s dogs, a 3-year old Lab named Apollo. Both dogs are now being held under a 10-day quarantine by BARC – Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care. The dogs will not necessarily be automatically euthanized: if a Justice of the Peace determines they are dangerous dogs, Pena may have to pay an annual special registration fee and carry liability insurance. Pena reportedly told Channel 2 that he was surprised by the attacks since the dogs had never showed signs of aggression before.

Assuming Pena is a resident of the condo complex and has homeowner’s insurance, the women would probably be able to make an insurance claim to compensate them for medical expenses, any scarring and physical impairment resulting from the dog attack (though of course, whether the insurer would pay is another matter).

Jennifer Lopez Harden charged with intoxication manslaughter after motorcycle accident

35-year old Jennifer Lopez Harden from Spring, Texas has been charged with intoxication manslaughter in connection with a deadly motorcycle accident Sunday morning. Lopez Harden was taken into custody after the 3:00 a.m. crash on Birnham Wood Boulevard near Riley Fuzzel Road in Spring. She is accused of driving drunk when she swerved into a center lane, crashing head on into a motorcycle driven by 42-year old John McSwain, also of Spring. Mr. McSwain was reportedly thrown 100 feet in the impact, and he died at the scene. Harden and her passenger were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

A person named Jennifer Lopez Harden with a date of birth of May 8, 1978 was arrested just a few months ago by Houston Police Department on 12/18/2012 and charged with public intoxication, according to this web site.

John McSwain motorcycle accident Spring Texas

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

Jennifer Lopez Harden drunk driving accident Spring Texas

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

Accident this morning at 610 and Ella Boulevard

A car accident at around 9:10 a.m. this morning outside Smith & Hassler’s office on the 610 North Loop at Ella Boulevard is already causing a significant backup of the westbound lanes.  A full size pickup truck and a smaller sedan, possibly a Nissan Sentra or Nissan Altima were involved. The pickup truck appeared to sustain minimal damage and after a fairly brief conversation between the drivers, the pickup truck drove away. The wrecked car is currently blocking the two far right lanes.

Houston car accident attorneys Smith and Hassler