Woman killed in alleged drunk driving wreck on Old Galveston Road

Police suspect the driver of a GMC Envoy was drunk when he (allegedly) ran a red light and caused a fatal collision in southeast Houston last night.  The three car accident happened at the intersection of Old Galveston Road and Edgebrook.  Police say the man was driving the GMC Envoy on Old Galveston Road when he crashed into a white-colored Honda Civic that was in the intersection; the Civic then collided with an Isuzu Trooper SUV.  From Channel 13’s picture of the crash scene it appears the Civic sustained major damage, primarily to the driver’s side front corner.  Tragically a female passenger in the Civic died in the accident.  When officers came to the scene they found the driver of the GMC Envoy hiding in bushes: he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. It is expected the man will be charged with driving while intoxicated and possibly intoxication manslaughter. A story posted this morning to Channel 11 news’ web site states that the driver of the Honda Civic is also expected of driving drunk, and he will be charged with DWI too.

drunk driving accident Honda Civic Old Galveston Road

Photo credit: Channel 13 News Houston

Old Galveston and Edgebrook drunk driving accident

Photo credit: KHOU Channel 11 News

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