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Workers at Terra at Piney Point Apartments electrocuted and burned

Two workers were seriously burned in an electrocution incident at the Terra at Piney Point Apartments, located at Fondren Road and Woodway Drive in Houston. The two men, who did not work for the apartment complex, were using a ladder to do some painting to the exterior of the apartments. The ladder slipped somehow, causing the men to come into contact with an electrical wire. According to witness Cheryl French, interviewed by KHOU, one of the men’s head was on fire. Both men suffered severe burns.

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Photo credit: KHOU

Oilfield worker electrocuted to death in southwest Houston oil field

One worker was killed and ┬ásecond worker hospitalized when the equipment they were in made contact with an electrical line in a southwest Houston oil field today. The tragedy unfolded this afternoon on Blueridge Road and McHard. Few other details were included in Channel 2’s report. KHOU’s report states the two men were in critical condition, as opposed to one being killed. A sign on the property were the accident happened lists Maverick Drilling & Exploration. ABC Channel 13’s report states that an oil field crane hit the electrical wire, causing it to fall onto at least two workers.

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Photo credit: Channel 2 News

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