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Drivers hurt in hit-and-run accident on W Mount Houston

An alleged hit-and-run driver is in police custody after a serious car accident on W Mount Houston at Veterans Memorial last night. Police say the hit-and-run driver struck the rear of a black-colored Cadillac sedan that was stopped at a red light, causing major damage to the Cadillac. The at fault driver then fled the scene of the crash but passed out while driving and struck a pole by the roadside. Two occupants of the Cadillac were taken to hospital in serious condition, not surprising given the amount of damage to the back of their vehicle.

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The injured victims’ Cadillac

Two killed in four car accident at Beltway 8 and Antoine

Two people were killed and several others injured in a four vehicle accident at the intersection of Beltway 8 feeder and Antoine. According to media accounts of the accident, it started when a 17-year old driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck ran through a red light, colliding with an SUV occupied by a family of four. A 34-year old woman and a 15-year old boy in the SUV lost their lives; the father, driving the SUV, and a daughter, riding in the rear seat, were transported to hospital.

After it was struck by the pickup truck the SUV rolled onto two other vehicles causing additional injuries to those occupants.

An article that recently appeared on the Houston Chronicle’s web site states that Houston leads the entire nation in red light runner fatal accidents. T-bone type crashes have perhaps greater potential to cause serious injury or death than any other type of motor vehicle collision because of the proximity of the point of impact to the occupants of the vehicle.

Running a red light to try and get where you are going a few minutes sooner is simply not worth the risk and, as in his tragic case, endangers the lives of other innocent drivers.

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The victim’s SUV and the Dodge Ram that ran the red light

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The victims’ Tahoe where it came to rest