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Drivers hurt in hit-and-run accident on W Mount Houston

An alleged hit-and-run driver is in police custody after a serious car accident on W Mount Houston at Veterans Memorial last night. Police say the hit-and-run driver struck the rear of a black-colored Cadillac sedan that was stopped at a red light, causing major damage to the Cadillac. The at fault driver then fled the scene of the crash but passed out while driving and struck a pole by the roadside. Two occupants of the Cadillac were taken to hospital in serious condition, not surprising given the amount of damage to the back of their vehicle.

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The injured victims’ Cadillac

Cadillac driver flees scene of hit and run accident on Aldine Westfield Road

At 11:00 p.m. Saturday night Harris County Constables responded to a hit and run car  accident on Aldine Westfield Road near Spring Creek Drive. A dark-red colored Cadillac CTS sedan crashed into the side of a Jeep, injuring five people in the Jeep, including a child. All five were transported to hospital, one in serious condition. The driver of the Cadillac fled the scene on foot and has not yet been apprehended, though probably will be shortly via a simple license plate check to determine the owner of the Cadillac.

Driver of Cadillac flees scene of hit and run with Jeep in Aldine Westfield

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Serious injuries in four car accident on FM 1960 in Spring

Several cars that were facing westbound on FM 1960 in Spring were stopped at a traffic light at Cypress Station around 12:20 a.m. Saturday morning when an SUV slammed into the rear of an older model Cadillac waiting in line. The Cadillac was shoved forward into the vehicle in front of it, then the Cadillac sideswiped a fourth vehicle. Reportedly the SUV flipped over onto its side and the driver had to be extracted by rescue crews: the was transported by Life Flight in critical condition. A man and a woman in the Cadillac were taken to hospital in serious but stable condition. Two men in the red-colored vehicle that the Cadillac was pushed into were treated at the scene but were arrested when deputies found a large amount of marijuana in their vehicle. Channel 11’s report is here.

Interestingly a person who commented on an accident report on Channel 2’s web site claimed to be the only witness to the accident, and offered the following observations:
I was probably the only witness to this wreck. the driver of the suv was in fact speeding. there were 10-15 vehicles stopped at the red light when the collision occured. im pretty good at judging speed, and i estimated the suv to be traveling in excess of 75mph but no more than 85mph (keep in mind that it is a 40mph zone). this wreck was pretty bad. if it was in a movie it would have been a michael bay film. life flight took ~30-45 mins from the time the road had been closed off and crews were already on the scene before it arrived and landed. both the suv and the caddy had to be cut open to remove the occupants, although there wasnt much left of either. i hope that the driver that caused all of this (the driver of the suv) gets the harshest penalties. Seeing it all happen first hand, i can only pray that justice is served. (I have excluded some details from this post intentionally).
Cadillac rear-ended on FM 1960 in Spring

A man and woman in this Cadillac were seriously injured

The SUV that rear-ended the Cadillac flipped on its side

SUV crashes into Cadillac on FM 1960 in Spring

Construction hats inside the SUV that caused the crash

Cadillac rear ends and flips pickup truck on W. Fuqua at Goldfarb

The driver of a Cadillac was trapped in his vehicle for more than 30 minutes last night after a major car accident on W. Fuqua Street at Goldfarb in southwest Houston. The crash happened at around 11:45 p.m. when the pick, heading east on W. Fuqua was rear ended by the Cadillac at a high speed. The impact was severe enough to flip the truck over. Both drivers were taken to hospital. Channel 11’s report.

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HFD cuts free the Cadillac driver. Photo credit: Channel 11