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Man injured by hit-and-run driver on Pine Cone Lane

A man was loading a lawnmower onto his truck when a speeding driver struck a parked car, pushing it into the man and seriously injuring him. The accident happened late Wednesday evening in the 10,000 block of Pine Cone Lane in Houston, and was witnessed by the man’s son David Mena, who was interviewed by Channel 13. The 20-year old driver who was at fault for the crash fled the scene, leaving the victim unconscious. The victim was transported by Life Flight helicopter in critical condition, and police were able to arrest the suspect who had been chased by the victim’s neighbors.

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Arnesia Washington charged with murder for motorcycle accident

30-year old Arnesia Washington has been charged with murder after a multi-vehicle accident this weekend that claimed the life of a motorcyclist. Channel 13 reports that Washington was drivingĀ on the 610 West Loop in Houston with two young childrenĀ as her passengers around noon Saturday when she rear-ended the motorcycle. At the time she was being followed by two other motorists whose vehicles she has previously struck in two separate hit-and-run accidents.

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Washington appearing in court

Reportedly Washington also attempted to flee the scene after striking the motorcyclist but was blocked-in by the vehicles that were following her. Washington has previously been charged in Harris County with possession of a controlled substance, and is believed to have been under the influence of hydrocodone, a prescription painkiller, at the time of the fatal crash. Blood results are pending. Normally this type of accident (which is all too common in Houston) would be charged as intoxication manslaughter, but Washington has been charged with felony murder because she had the young children in her vehicle.

The deceased motorcyclist has been identified as Steven Rudoff who is from Sugar Land. Mr. Rudoff leaves a wife and three children.