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18-wheeler accident on 610 East Loop at Highway 225

Very little detail was available but an 18-wheeler was involved in an accident with at least one other vehicle on Monday January 27th at around 12:50 p.m. The crash happened on the East 610 Loop at Highway 225. A Houston Transtar image on KHOU’s web site seems to show an 18-wheeler trailer resting on its side, possibly having crashed over a concrete retaining wall. No word on whether anyone was injured.

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Photo credit: Houston TranStar

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Motorcyclist killed in 18-wheeler accident on Highway 1960 near Dayton

A motorcyclist was killed in an early morning accident near Dayton, Texas. Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and Dayton Police responded to the crash on Highway 1960 at CR 611 around 7:00 a.m. Monday January 27, 2014. It appears the 18-wheeler was turning onto Highway 1960 from CR 611 when the motorcyclist struck the middle the trailer portion of the 18-wheeler. Tragically, the motorcyclist died at the scene. Limited visibility from morning fog may have contributed to the cause of the crash. Channel 2 Houston’s report is here. KHOU’s report is here.

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METRO police officer hurt in car accident at Hamilton and Gray in Houston

A METRO police officer was injured in a car accident at 5:30 this morning near the intersection of Hamilton Street and Gray Street near downtown Houston. Houston police say a driver who ran a red light struck the officer’s vehicle. The officer was transported to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries, Channel 2 reports. The other driver wasn’t hurt. Channel 11’s story on the accident says the officer was in uniform but driving a private vehicle. Interestingly it appears the other driver, who was on his way to work at the post office, told Channel 11 he “may have just not noticed the light.”

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Photo credit: KHOU

3-year old boy fatally hit by Hummer in parking lot of shopping center

A 3-year old little boy was tragically hit and killed while walking in the parking lot of a shopping center in southwest Houston. The boy, who was with his father at the time, was struck by a yellow-colored Hummer H2 SUV, driven by a woman who owned a business at the shopping center. According to Channel 2’s article the driver initially left the accident scene, but returned shortly afterward. Police verified that the driver was not intoxicated. The little boy was rushed to Memorial Hermann Southwest but was pronounced dead. The shopping center is on Dashwood near Fondren.

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The shopping center at Dashwood and Fondren

Truck carrying bucket lift in accident on E. FM 1960 in Humble

An accident this morning in Humble involving a flatbed truck carrying a bucket lift has injured at least one person. The crash occurred around 10:15 a.m. on E. FM 1960 near Moon Trail Drive.  A picture from Channel 2’s web site shows the flatbed truck laying on its driver’s side, apparently having slid on the roadway for some distance based on the scrape marks. Life Flight was called out to transport at least one victim, and FM 1960 was temporarily closed.

Update: an article on KHOU’s web site identifies the victim in the passenger car as being a retired HPD police officer named Larry Moody. The passenger car involved appears to be a Mercury Grand Marquis.

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Houston truck accident personal injury attorneys Smith & Hassler

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Motorcycle passenger killed in collision with minivan on Interstate 45

Around 9:00 p.m. Sunday January 12th a motorcycle rear-ended a minivan on Interstate 45 at Edgebrook in southeast Houston.  A woman riding on the back of the motorcycle was killed in the crash. Channel 2’s report is here. Houston Chronicle story here. The Chronicle’s article identifies the motorcycle as a Harley Davidson, and states that the minivan changed lanes to enter the freeway when the motorcycle, reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed, struck the rear of the van. Neither the motorcycle driver nor the passenger were wearing crash helmets. The police investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing.

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21-year old woman killed in single car accident on Park Row

A 21-year old woman was killed early this morning in a single car accident: she crashed, was ejected from her vehicle, and the vehicle then crushed her.

Channel 2 News Houston reports the woman was heading westbound on Park Row in west Harris County around 2:30 a.m. when she failed to negotiated a curve, causing her to strike the median and then hit a tree.  Investigators believe the woman was tossed from her vehicle, and the vehicle’s momentum caused it to crush her.  Sadly, she died at the scene.  From Channel 2’s picture it appears the vehicle was a Lexus LS430,  Toyota Avalon or possibly a Nissan Maxima.

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One killed in car accident on FM 1960 bridge over Lake Houston

One person was killed in a two vehicle accident on the FM 1960 bridge over Lake Houston. The crash happened around 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday January 7th, 2014.  It appears a dark colored SUV, possibly an older model Ford Explorer, struck the passenger side of a black car. Channel 2’s report is here.

A person posting a comment under the username Trishia left the following comment to the Channel 2 story: “My brother was driving the suv,,,,,,,, the car went into oncoming traffic my brother slammed on breaks but ended up hitting her,,, lady of car had a seizure while driving and that’s she was in oncoming traffic,, she died unfortanally thankfully my 9 family members are ok. 4 of them were young kids…

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Fatal accident on Katy Freeway westbound at Barker Cypress

All westbound lanes of Interstate 10 westbound (Katy Freeway) were closed this morning as emergency crews and Life Flight responded to a fatal car accident.  The crash happened just after 9:00 a.m. at Barker Cypress and at least two vehicles were involved.  Traffic was being diverted to the feeder road. Few other details were available; it was expected the westbound lanes would remain closed for several hours based on tweets from HPD.

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Suspected drunk driver runs red light in Pasadena killing two

Pasadena law enforcement believe a driver was intoxicated when he ran a red light late Monday night, striking another vehicle and killing two people.  The crash happened as the man drove his pickup southbound on Allen Genoa Road around 11:00 p.m.; he disregarded the red light at the intersection of Fairmont Parkway and t-boned another vehicle.  A passenger in the t-boned vehicle died at the accident scene; the driver was transported to the hospital and died there.  The driver of the pickup was taken to the hospital.  A picture from Channel 2’s story appears to show a severely damage dark gray colored car.

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