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Sara Martinez victim of dog attack on San Pedro in Houston

75-year old Sara Martinez is recovering from bite puncture wounds after she was attacked from behind by a dog while walking in the 3600 block of San Pedro in Houston. Ms. Martinez was on her way home around 1:40 p.m. when she felt the bite to the back of her leg and saw blood. An ambulance transported her to the hospital. The victim’s daughter Sandra Martinez said the attack was unexpected and totally unprovoked. According to Channel 11’s report of the incident, a young boy lured the dog away after the attack; the child’s family later gave up the dog to animal control. The boy’s father said that it was just a stray dog that they were keeping around.

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Sara Martinez (75) recovering at home

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The dog being surrendered to animal control

Women hospitalized after dog attack at Covered Bridge Condominiums

Two women were hospitalized after a dog attack by this morning at the Covered Bridge Condominium Complex at 5005 Georgi Lane in HoustonAccording to a Channel 2 News report, Sonny Pena’s two-year old Boxer named Rocky attacked the two women just before 7:00 a.m., inflicting serious injury, primarily to the women’s legs. A Houston firefighter who arrived to help was then bitten by another of Pena’s dogs, a 3-year old Lab named Apollo. Both dogs are now being held under a 10-day quarantine by BARC – Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care. The dogs will not necessarily be automatically euthanized: if a Justice of the Peace determines they are dangerous dogs, Pena may have to pay an annual special registration fee and carry liability insurance. Pena reportedly told Channel 2 that he was surprised by the attacks since the dogs had never showed signs of aggression before.

Assuming Pena is a resident of the condo complex and has homeowner’s insurance, the women would probably be able to make an insurance claim to compensate them for medical expenses, any scarring and physical impairment resulting from the dog attack (though of course, whether the insurer would pay is another matter).