Mark Cordero reportedly killed in motorcycle accident in Willis TX

Local media is reporting that Mark Cordero was killed yesterday evening in a collision between his motorcycle and a car delivering pizza. Channel 13 states that Mark Cordero and his passenger Patricia Buscemi were heading westbound on FM 1097 near Willis, Texas when the pizza delivery car turned in front of their motorbike. The motorcycle struck the car, throwing Mr. Cordero from the motorbike. Ms. Buscemi was taken to the hospital in critical condition. It appears this accident happened at night: frequently motorcycle accidents such as this are the result of drivers of four-wheeled vehicles only half paying attention and not seeing the single headlight of a motorcycle approaching. While motorcyclists are often blamed for collisions, statistically it is actually more likely the larger vehicle is to blame. How awful for Mr. Cordero’s family and friends; hopefully Ms. Buscemi’s condition will improve.
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Patricia Buscemi Mark Cordero motorcycle accident FM 1097

Photo credit: Channel 13 News

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