18-wheeler faulted for major accident on Dallas tollway

A major accident involving a big rig caused traffic to grind to a halt in Dallas on Thursday and investigators have concluded the 18-wheeler was to blame. The wreck caused several accidents on the tollway and the ramp from Interstate 635 on to the Dallas North Tollway was closed. Evidently there is video footage showing how the accident happened and investigators are blaming the 18-wheeler’s excessive speed. The big rig crossed 3 lanes of traffic, flipping onto its side and crushing a car. The 18-wheeler also struck an SUV pushing into over the concrete median and into the path of oncoming traffic. The truck driver was uninjured and the drivers of the crushed car and SUV were taken to hospital, but fortunately do not appear to have suffered life threatening injuries.

The driver of this car is lucky to be alive. A speeding 18-wheeler flipped onto the car, crushing it.

Since it appears to have been established through video evidence that the 18-wheeler was at fault for this serious accident, presumably the 18-wheeler company’s insurer will not challenge any claims on liability (in other words, they will likely not try to claim the 18-wheeler was not at fault). What the insurer may attempt to do however is secure early settlements with those injured in this accident due to the 18-wheeler driver’s negligence. Early settlements such as these, even in less severe collisions, are always a bad idea. Automobile accident victims should always make sure their injuries are fully understood before ever considering settling a claim. Once a release is signed there is no coming back later seeking more money for necessary medical treatment. Smith & Hassler has litigated hundreds of trucking accidents, including wrongful death claims against 18-wheeler companies. Smith & Hassler attorneys Roger Sullivan and Daragh Carter were in trial this month in Harris County, Texas on an 18-wheeler accident case. If you have been injured due to the negligence of an 18-wheeler driver, call Smith & Hassler for a free consultation.