27-year old with traumatic brain injury speaks out on drunk driving

Sean Carter, a 27-year old Texas man, has become a uniquely qualified speaker on the subject of the dangers of drunk driving. Sean was a college student in North Texas when he made a fateful decision to ride home with some friends after a night’s drinking. An intoxicated friend drove and the pickup truck Sean was riding in left the road and slammed into a tree in Wichita Falls, Texas. Sean had cuts and multiple broken bones and Sean’s mother was told by doctors that Sean’s prospects looked bleak.

Sean sustained a traumatic brain injury that has taken away his ability to speak. He is also unable to walk.  With time Sean regained the ability to recognize letters and now is able to communicate via a computer touch screen. Through determination and perseverance he is also regaining some physical abilities too. Sean has formed a non-profit called When Sean Speaks, and he travels throughout the state speaking to various groups including DWI offenders.