Camaro driver seriously hurt in downtown Houston multi-vehicle wreck is reporting a driver was seriously injured late Monday March 14, 2011 in a multi-vehicle wreck in downtown Houston. The man was driving a Chevrolet Camaro westbound on Runnels at Chartres around 11:30pm when he failed to yield at a stop sign: the Camaro was then struck in the side by a pickup truck. Another pickup truck was unable to slow down quickly enough and crashed into the already wrecked vehicles. The driver of the Camaro had to be cut out of his vehicle by firefighters and was transported to hospital in serious condition.

Car accidents commonly result in medical bills, lost income from work and a period of time after the accident when the injured person is in pain and is impaired from performing their normal activities. Texas law allows a person injured in a motor vehicle accident by another’s negligence to seek recovery of money damages.  Speaking to an experienced Houston personal injury attorney early in the process can make the difference between a relatively straightforward claim under the other driver’s insurance policy and a real nightmare.  Insurance companies will deny or undervalue claims if they have a reason to.  Smith & Hassler’s trial-tested Houston personal injury attorneys will provide you with a free consultation regarding your motor vehicle accident injury claim: call now or submit your case online.