Caylee’s Law for Texas would require parents to report kids missing within 48 hours

The Casey Anthony trial and her acquittal has highlighted a problem. In many states it is either not a crime, or is only a misdemeanor, to not promptly report one’s child to authorities as being missing. Outraged lawmakers are responding to the verdict by proposing Caylee’s Laws that would allow prosecutors to bring felony charges against parents who do not promptly notify law enforcement their children are missing.

Four days after Caylee Anthony went missing, her mother Casey Anthony entered a hot body contest at a Florida nightclub. For the thirty days or so after Caylee was last seen, Casey Anthony spent her time shopping, hanging out with her friends and going to parties. It was Caylee’s grandmother (Casey’s mother) who called investigators when Casey could not produce her daughter, after which Casey lied to investigators and said Caylee had been kidnapped by an imaginary nanny, and Casey was conducting her own search for her child.

Casey Anthony participating in a hot body contest at a club 4 days after her 2-year old went missing

By Friday July 8, 2011 an online petition at boasted an incredible 700,000 signatures of people calling for changes to states’ laws on reporting missing children. Lawmakers in at least 16 states have proposed new laws to address the problem, including Texas lawmaker State Senator Chris Harris who says he will introduce a new law for Texas making it a felony to not report a child missing within 48 hours. Under current Texas law it is a misdemeanor only for failing to report abuse or neglect. Senator Harris has said he will introduce a version of Caylee’s Law for Texas during the next legislative session in Spring 2013.

You should support the passage of Caylee’s Law in Texas and when it is proposed call or email your legislative representative and tell them you think Caylee’s Law should be passed in Texas.

The last known picture of Caylee Marie Anthony

Casey Anthony smirks as she speaks with one of her lawyers after her acquittal on murder charges