Elia Ortiz hurt when 12 year old driver crashes through her fence

Elia Ortiz is recovering after suffering some serious injuries when a GMC pickup truck crashed through the fence of her home in the Woodland Oaks subdivision. When a 12-year old boy’s parents refused to take him to the store, he took the keys to the pickup truck without permission. According to police the boy lost control of the pickup truck and crashed completely through the fence, hitting 32-year old Elia in her leg and back. Elia was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital with a fractured spine and sprained leg. The accident happened Saturday May 26th at around 1:00pm; the home is near Garsee and Hollister. Elia was released from the hospital Saturday evening in a lot of pain. Elia’s neighbors said that once the accident was over the boy was crying and asking for forgiveness in Spanish, saying it was all an accident. Channel 2’s story is here.

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