Factors that contribute to car crashes in Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation compiles a lot of facts and information on car accidents, including factors that contribute to car crashes in rural and urban areas.  In an urban area such as Houston, some of the leading factors contributing to car accidents are:

Failure to control speed, which caused 93,552 total crashes in 2008 of which 358 were fatal crashes and 11,621 caused serious injury
Failure to drive in a single lane, which caused 22,217 total crashes in 2008 of which 257 were fatal crashes and 3,062 caused serious injury
Speeding over the limit, which caused 5,237 total crashes in 2008, of which 256 were fatal crashes and 1,537 caused serious injury
Driving under the influence of alcohol, which caused 10,071 total crashes in 2008, of which 241 were fatal crashes and 2,072 caused serious injury
Driver inattention, which caused 76,276 total crashes in 2008, of which 176 were fatal crashes and 8,805 caused serious injury.

These statistics are compiled from information gathered from police accident reports, a report a police officer completes after investigating an automobile accident.  A portion of a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report often referred to as “contributing factors” allows the officer to list his or her opinion as to factors or conditions that caused or may have caused of contributed to the collision.  If you have been involved in an automobile accident and would like advice on how to interpret what the officer has written in your crash report, you can contact Smith & Hassler for a free consultation.