Family of four pedestrians struck by car at Houston Rodeo

ABC Channel 13 (KTRK) has issued a brief report that a family of four was struck and run over by a vehicle at the Houston Rodeo. The initial report is that the family consisted of a mother, father and two children under the age of seven.

Update: The Houston Chronicle is now reporting that the driver of the vehicle that struck the family was drunk. He is identified in the Chronicle’s story as 31-year old Nicholas Jackson.  The story says Jackson has been charged with failure to stop and render aid and driving while intoxicated.  Fox 26 News is also reporting the incident on their web site.  According to the Fox News report, Nicholas Deandre Jackson (32) was driving a white-colored Ford Crown Victoria the wrong way down Kirby Road next to Reliant Stadium at around 10:00PM Monday night. The vehicle turned sharply on Murworth and hit the family: the driver then continued down Murworth on 2 flat tires before being stopped by police.  Contrary to other reports, Fox News says the injured family consisted of a 27-year old woman, a 2-year old girl, a 4-year old girl and a 9-year old boy, all of whom were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital.  Reportedly Nicholas Deandre Jackson, a Houston resident, has a very extensive criminal record.

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