Father and son injured in rollover after hit-and-run on Greens Road

A child and his father were injured in a hit-and-run accident Saturday and police are looking for the three suspects who fled the accident scene. The accident happened around 8:30am on W. Greens Road near the 12500 block of the North Freeway. According to police sources, the suspect’s vehicle was pulling out of a Kroger parking lot when they pulled in front of another car, hitting it in the side and causing it to flip over. Three men jumped out of the car and ran off. A child and his father were in the overturned car and were transported to an area hospital.

If you have been injured in a hit-and-run accident it is important to have a good understanding of automobile insurance coverage and how it works. If the hit-and-run driver was using the vehicle that hit you without permission of the owner, there probably will NOT be coverage under the policy covering that car. The driver of the vehicle that hit you may have his/her own automobile insurance however, and that coverage may apply. If not, you will probably need to look to your own insurance company to repair your vehicle or cover your medical bills…IF you have the right types of coverage. Call Smith & Hassler’s personal injury attorneys to discuss your options for your hit-and-run injury accident.