Four year old pedestrian hit in crosswalk near MLK Early Childhood Center

Channel 2 is reporting an automobile versus pedestrian collision in southeast Houston today. A four-year old boy was struck by an automobile while on a crosswalk. The boy was crossing in the 3930 block of West Fuqua near White Heather to reach the MLK Early Childhood Center when the accident happened at around 7:30am. The boy was transported to hospital with reportedly non life threatening injuries and the accident is being investigated by authorities.

Even at low speeds, a pedestrian versus vehicle collision is no contest and the pedestrian always fares worst. Auto-pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries such as road rash, broken bonesspinal cord injuries, internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries. If you, a friend or a family member have been involved in a pedestrian accident, remember to document any obvious signs of trauma such as cuts and bruises by taking good quality, well-lit photographs. Keep any damaged clothing. You can contact the experienced Houston personal injury attorneys at Smith & Hassler for a free consultation: over our 20-year history Smith & Hassler has successfully handled hundreds of auto-pedestrian accidents for injured clients.