Galveston Flagship Hotel collapse during demolition kills construction worker

During demolition of the historic Flagship Hotel in Galveston yesterday a worker was pinned under debris when part of the hotel collapsed on him. Sadly that worker whose name has not yet been released has since died due to his injuries. The collapse happened at the north end of the hotel structure at around 3:40PM yesterday, Tuesday April 26, 2011. Around 75 percent of the second floor area that was being worked on fell to the first floor area below. Firefighters using the jaws of life had to rescue the worker who was pinned beneath 1,000 lbs of concrete and rebar material. It took emergency workers about 20 minutes to rescue the man.  The historic hotel was damage during Hurricane Ike and has been out of commission since then.  Demolition has been halted to allow an investigation into the death.

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