Garrett Higginson rescues woman from burning truck after North Freeway crash

Garrett Higginson and another Good Samaritan are being hailed as heroes after rescuing an unconscious woman from a burning pickup truck after a serious crash on the North Freeway last night. Garrett was driving on the North Freeway at around 9:15pm near the Hardy Toll Road when a white-colored pickup truck slammed into the back of another truck. The truck that was hit from behind then flipped over three times, slid along for about 20 feet and came to rest against a concrete median. When Mr. Higginson saw smoke around the truck and no movement inside, he acted fast, pulling free an unconscious woman on the front passenger seat. Once the woman had been pulled free the truck quickly became engulfed in flames. The woman was transported to the hospital. Channel 11’s story regarding the daring rescue is here. Hats off to Garrett for his selfless actions.