Houston area nun Huong Do killed by 19 year old drunk driver

Channel 2 News is reporting yet another tragic loss of life in Houston due to drunk driving. 35-year old nun Huong Do from the St. Catherine Convent in Houston was involved in a crash at approximately 5:00am Sunday May 22nd at the intersection of Main and Minnesota streets in the city of South Houston. A pickup truck driven by 19-year old Marcos Garza slammed into Huong Do’s Honda Civic, pinning her behind the wheel. Police reportedly said that Garza confessed to running a stop sign at the intersection because he was driving drunk after a night out with his friends. Do was flown to Hermann Hospital in critical condition and on Monday her family made the difficult decision to have her removed from life support. Garza has been charged with intoxicated assault with a motor vehicle and was released on $100,000 bond.

Update: KHOU is reporting today that Garza has been charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of Sister Houng Do and he appeared in court today. Apparently Garza refused the breath test, so a mandatory blood draw was performed to measure his blood alcohol content. Houng Do was a member of the Vietnamese Dominican Sisters.