Houston Fire Department Truck in wreck on Westheimer

Thursday July 29, 2010: in the 5700 block of Westheimer at approximately 8:45am  Houston Fire Department truck was involved in a wreck.  A fire captain and civilian were transported to Memorial Hermann in the medical center to be treated for their injuries.  The engine operates out of Fire Station 28, which is near the location of the wreck.  It is unknown at this time if the fire engine was en route to an emergency call.  The Houston Chronicle’s report is here.

In March 30, 2009 two City of Houston fire trucks were involved in an intersection collision that resulted in the tragic death of Leigh Boone, a cyclist who sustained head injuries.  In January 2010 the Houston City Council approved a $225,000 settlement to be paid to Ms. Boone’s family. Texas law meant that the maximum Ms. Boone’s family could have received was $250,000.  Tort reform capped the amount of damages that can be recovered from governmental entities by injured persons.  The collision involving Ms. Boone also involved a fire truck traveling on Westheimer.