Houston woman dies in tragic car accident, hit while in garage

January 30, 2011: A southeast Houston woman has died after her husband accidentally drove into her as she stood in their garage on Saturday afternoon. The couple was in their 60’s and had been married for over 30-years. They were pulling into their driveway around 3:30PM when they opened their door and their dog got out, according to Houston Police Department sergenant J.K. Richard with the vehicular crimes division. The woman got out of the couple’s Infiniti SUV and corraled the dog back into the garage as her husband pulled in.  The husband’s foot slipped on pedals and he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, causing the vehicle to surge forward and pin the woman between a refrigerator and the SUV, before continuing on and crashing through the back wall of the garage. Paramedics transported the woman to Memorial Hermann Southeast where she later died. The couple’s house is in the 16400 block of Hickory Knoll Drive in Houston.