I’m shopping around for car insurance – are there any GOOD car insurance companies?

A lot of times we find ourselves empathizing with clients who have had a BAD experience with their own insurance company or more frequently, the insurance carrier of the third party who caused the car accident. Any seasoned Plaintiffs personal injury attorney can tell plenty of stories of insurance companies treating people unreasonably or unfairly. Every now and again a client will ask: “Are there any GOOD insurance companies in Texas that you’d recommend?” Actually, there is.

Most of us are guilty of shopping for car insurance: (a) purely based on price, the lower the premiums the better; and (b) without really thinking too much about what expectations we would have of our car insurer if we call upon them to handle a claim. Obviously nobody wants to pay a dollar more than is necessary for car insurance, but there’s a lot to the old saying “You get what you pay for.” Notwithstanding the television commercials that talk about how much you save if you switch to a particular insurance company, premiums probably don’t vary as much as they’d like you to believe.

There are a number of claims scenarios that may cause you to call on an automobile insurance to handle a claim. You may have caused an accident and need your insurer to handle damage to your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle and injuries to one or both of you. You probably don’t want to get sued, so ideally you’d like your insurance company to handle the other person’s claim in a reasonable way. Alternatively the other driver was at fault and now you are making a claim with their insurance company to take care of your vehicle damage and medical bills: you don’t want to sue the other driver and turn a car accident into an 18-month long lawsuit, so you hope the other driver’s insurance company treats you fairly.

It has been the repeated experience of our attorneys that Texas Farm Bureau Insurance stands out as one of the most reasonable automobile insurance companies we regularly deal with in reference to claims made on personal automobile insurance policies. Cynically people might say: “Well they must pay more and that’s the reason you like them” but that’s not it. Unlike some automobile insurers that seem to have a revolving door with employees constantly leaving to work elsewhere, typically Farm Bureau claims adjusters have been with the company for ten years or more. It usually speaks well of a company that they are able to hang on to their employees for the long haul. It has also been our experience that Farm Bureau adjusters genuinely want to handle their customers’ claims fairly and efficiently.

This is not to say that all other automobile insurance companies that write policies in Texas are bad, just that over many years of experience and handling thousands of clients’ claims, we’ve noticed that Texas Farm Bureau does a good job of handling first party and third party claims for its customers. If you’re shopping around for car insurance you might give them a look.