Joana Jaqueline Rodriguez accused of driving drunk, trying to run down police officer

ABC Channel 13 News is reporting that Joana Jaqueline Rodriguez has been charged with aggravated assault and is accused of driving drunk and trying to run down a police officer with her car when the officer tried to arrest her. On May 20th police were responding to a trespassing call at an apartment complex in the 2200 block of Wirt Road. An officer arrived and reportedly found Ms. Rodriguez intoxicated.  30-year old Ms. Rodriguez got into her vehicle and started the engine, then refused to exit the vehicle when instructed to do so. She was then placed under arrest for public intoxication, and when the officer tried to remove her from the vehicle she put the vehicle in reverse and hit the accelerator. The officer was then pinned between the vehicle door and the passenger compartment as the vehicle traveled in circles.  Police say Rodriguez then put the vehicle in drive and tried to run over the officer, but the officer was able to take shelter between apartment buildings.  Rodriguez fled with the officer’s handcuffs still attached to one of her wrists.  Rodriguez’ vehicle was found at another apartment complex across the street and inside it were items that identified Rodriguez, including her passport.

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