Keylon Napper struck by hit and run Toyota driver on Rio Bonito

At around 7:30pm on Thursday January 19, 2012 Keylon Napper was walking on Rio Bonito near Howell Sugarland Road when he was struck by a late model red-colored Toyota car. 26-year old Keylon was walking on Rio Bonito on his way to work at HEB when the Toyota left the roadway and struck him. The driver of the Toyota then stopped and got out to check on him, but then got back in the vehicle and left the scene. Napper and his family live in apartments near the scene: family members heard a crash and someone screaming. Napper’s brother-in-law Brian Henderson ran from his apartment to the scene and found Napper covered in blood: Napper was life-flighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was listed as being in stable condition.

Hopefully the hit-and-run driver of the red Toyota can be identified by law enforcement or will do the right thing and turn themselves in. There is no legitimate reason for a driver who hits a pedestrian to leave the scene of an accident; in fact failure to stop and render aid is a criminal offense under the Texas Transportation Code. Many times drivers leave the accident scene because they have outstanding warrants, are intoxicated or do not have a valid driver’s license or insurance. Certainly we wish Keylon Napper a speedy recovery from his injuries.