METRO police pursuit of man on I-45 leads to fatal car crash is reporting two deaths in separate but related accidents stemming from a police pursuit. A man was attempting to evade METRO police officers when he fled across I-45 at Crosstimbers on Tuesday April 5th: he was struck by a car and killed, and that collision then caused another fatal crash according to Houston police. The incident happened shortly after 10:00PM. Allegedly the man was suspected of assaulting and robbing someone near downtown Houston, after which he got on a METRO bus and exited at a stop at Acres Homes. METRO police then caught up to the man at the northbound North Freeway feeder road, at which time the man argued with police officers and tried to flee across I-45. The man was able to make it across the northbound lanes of I-45 but when he tried to cross the southbound lanes he was hit by a Ford Expedition and possible two other vehicles. The fatal collision then caused the freeway to back up. As an 18-wheeler sat in the backed-up traffic, a 19-year old female driver failed to slow her car in time and struck the rear of the big rig. The driver died at the scene and her two rear seat passengers were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition: the front seat passenger was said to have sustained minor injuries. The victims have not been identified: police said the man who ran from them had no weapons and no identification on him.

The 19-year old woman driving this car was killed and her rear seat passengers severely injured in a rear-end collision with a big rig on I-45

Our sympathies go out to the friends and families of the occupants of the car.