Motorcyclist dies in freak crash when he falls from overpass

The Southwest Freeway was backed up Friday evening after a freak accident left a motorcyclist dead. The motorcycle was found standing upright leaning against the HOV exterior wall: its not clear at this time how the rider of the Suzuki lost control. At around 4:00pm the motorcyclist was heading southbound on the US59 South HOV lane near Edloe when the rider was ejected from the motorbike and fell 50 feet to the roadway of the lower freeway below, crashing through the windshield of a Toyota Camry. The poor motorbike rider was killed instantly authorities say. Despite what have must have been an incredible shock, the driver of the Camry was able to maintain control of his vehicle and came to a stop, suffering only cuts to his hands and arms. David Lee Cothran, Jr. aged 28 of Louisiana has been identified as the deceased motorbike rider. Mr. Cothran was wearing a helmet. Channel 13’s story is here. Channel 11’s story is here.

Update: The injured driver of the Toyota Camry has been identified in a subsequent story as Mr. Kelvin Wesley. In an interview with Channel 11 News Mr. Wesley expressed his sympathy for the family members of the deceased motorcyclist and also expressed his thanks for his own family’s safety: apparently he had dropped his son off at University of Houston shortly before the accident. Mr. Wesley’s son had been sitting in the front passenger seat beneath the portion of the roof that sustained the most crush damage. Mr. Wesley is a high school football coach and was on his way to a game at the time of the tragic accident.