Motorcyclist killed in collision with pickup truck on Elysian

A morning accident has claimed the life of a motorcycle rider.  The collision happened this morning at approximately 6:45am on Elysian at Cavalcade, and involved the motorcycle and a pickup truck.  The pickup truck went out of control and struck a home, injuring a woman inside. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital. Channel 11’s report is here and does not identify either driver or state how the collision happened. Channel 2’s story is here and states that the motorcycle rider ran a red light immediately before the collision. Channel 13’s story is here and indicates that there were two women inside the house that was hit by the pickup truck: a 55-year old woman and her daughter who were getting ready for work.  The woman was pinned between the crashed pickup truck and a dining room table inside her home, however she was still somehow able to called her sister Arva Hamilton to summon help. Witnesses said the motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet: he died instantly.

A motorcyclist was killed and a woman inside her home was injured in today's accident on Elysian at Cavalcade

Arva Hamilton received a call from her sister who was trapped inside her damaged home by the crashed pickup

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