Online reviews can help you select a Houston personal injury attorney

You can find a consumer review web site on the Internet for almost any service profession these days and personal injury attorneys are no exception. Accidents don’t happen very often so personal injury attorneys are not the type of professional the same person uses regularly, like a barber, babysitter or a yard service, so there’s a good chance if you are looking for a personal injury attorney you’re doing so for the first time.

A recommendation from a friend or family member can definitely help you narrow your search. If someone whose opinion you value has had a good experience with a personal injury lawyer, you may have the same good experience. Internet reviews can help too, and are valuable in that they typically span several years and people who write reviews usually do it anonymously so they feel comfortable being up front about how they feel.

Here is the latest review of Smith & Hassler posted to Google on April 19, 2011 posted by a client we represented in a lawsuit against her own insurance company related to an underinsured motorist claim:

I would highly recommend Smith and Hassler!!! The attorney handling my case was Daragh Carter. He was excellent, I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and caring attorney. I was run down by a Ford F-150 and I’m only 4″10″ back on 2/14/2007. The insurance of the driver paid me no problem. Now, my insurance company, Safeco, wouldn’t give me squat!! I had gone through 2 other law firms, when I had just given up. My husband called Smith andHassler and Mr. Carter was on the case. It’s really a shame that you pay your payment to your own insurance company every month and when it comes to them paying, they don’t want to…so you have to take your own insurance company to court. I missed over 4 months from work, had all kinds of xrays, and an mri. I had several weeks of physical therapy, saw several doctors and specialists. I had to take a medical retirement from my job because of the accident and I’m only 35 years old. Even after all this, I still couldn’t get my insurance company to budge. Four years later and after a lawsuit, the case was settled out of court. I would highly recommend Mr. Carter to everyone and already have….thanks Daragh, you rock!!!