Pasadena Wal-Mart shoplifter runs red light, killing mother and injuring daughter

Police say a woman in her 20’s is responsible for a fatal intersection accident in Pasadena, and that the woman was fleeing the scene of a shoplifting include at Wal-Mart when the accident happened.  According to Channel 2’s video report, the suspect has made an attempt earlier at the Wal-Mart to walk out without paying for items including CDs, DVDs and baby clothes, but she was challenged and left after making an excuse.  The woman then returned to the Wal-Mart about an hour later and left the store with approximately $50-worth of stolen toys. This time Wal-Mart loss prevention followed the woman to the parking lot and challenged her, but the alleged thief assaulted the loss prevention person, pushing him/her down, then fleeing in a white Ford pickup truck.

At the intersection of Fairmont Parking and Nations Driver, the shoplifter in the pickup truck ran a red light and t-boned a red-colored SUV that was proceeding on a green light. The woman in the red SUV was pronounced dead at the scene, and the woman’s 14-year old daughter was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. The District Attorney’s Office is assessing what charges will be brought against the shoplifter.

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The shoplifter was driving this Ford pickup

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The woman driving this red SUV was killed in the crash

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Fairmont Parkway and Nations Drive in Pasadena, TX

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