Pickup trucks crash at Pasadena intersection hospitalizing two

A crash in Pasadena at the intersection of Space Center Boulevard and Fairmont Parkway around midnight last night sent two people to the hospital. A maroon-colored Ford F-series pickup truck and a black Ford F-series pickup truck were involved. According to the Pasadena Police Department, the maroon Ford ran the red light and caused the accident: one person in the black truck was taken to hospital via life flight helicopter, the other by ground ambulance. Police said the driver of the Ford would be tested for possible drunk driving. A witness who helped the injured right after the crash disagreed with the Pasadena Police Department’s conclusion on who was at fault, and said the black truck ran the red light. You can read Channel 11’s report here. Smith & Hassler offers free attorney consultations for personal injury cases. Visit www.smithandhassler.com or call (713) 739 1250.

Pasadena Police Dept believes this red Ford truck ran a red light