Driver leads HPD on a chase after Houston rush hour car accident is reporting on a strange set of circumstances surrounding a car accident on Houston’s Southwest Freeway yesterday morning during rush hour traffic. The accident happened near Chimney Rock. A driver hit a car and stopped to exchange information with the motorist who had been hit, but when police arrived things got weird. Police said the driver gave them his driver’s license, then scrammed. The driver lead police on a chase along the Southwest Freeway, onto the West Loop to Westheimer Road. The chase ended on Wesleyan near Richmond Avenue when the driver was cornered. During the chase the driver hit two more vehicles. The reason the driver gave police for leading them on a chase: he said he had to meet his parents in downtown Houston. The driver has been charged with evading arrest and failure to stop and provide information.

Fortunately for the 3 vehicles he hit, it appears he did not hit any of them intentionally. Intentional damage caused by a motor vehicle (for example, ramming another car) is NOT covered under the insurance policy of the car used to cause the damage.  Call the hard-working Houston personal injury attorneys at Smith & Hassler for a free consultation regarding your car accident injury case.