Red Light Cameras Reduce Accidents in Sugar Land

According to the Sugar Land Sun, the “Safe Light Sugar Land” program has been a great success. The Program involved the placement of red light cameras at certain targeted locations in this city within the Houston metropolitan area in order to make targeted high-volume intersections safer.

Our Houston, TX accident lawyers are strongly in favor of any laws that are successful in encouraging drivers to be safer and in reducing the risk of auto accidents. Injuries resulting from auto accidents are devastating, and it is heartbreaking when someone loses a loved one in a crash. Running a red light is a top cause of accidents, and if the cameras curb that behavior, that is a very good thing.

The Success of the Sugar Land Red Light Program

The Sugar Land program, known as Safe Light Sugar Land, was intended to encourage motorists to stop at red lights rather than breaking the law and driving through. While prompting motorists to follow the law, the aim was also to improve mobility in Sugar Land, which is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Houston metro area.

Cameras were placed at targeted intersection, with the last of the current cameras installed in 2009. Data was then recorded on the number of accidents that took place as well as on the other impacts of the cameras. The statistics revealed that program has largely been successful. For example, according to the Sugar Land Sun:

  • The number of auto accidents decreased at certain targeted intersections by more than 58 percent.
  • At several intersections, including along Highway 59 and State Highway 6, compliance levels for stopping at red lights improved by almost 60 percent. Cameras at these locations were removed after the compliance levels improved.
  • Approximately 70 percent of those caught on camera violating red light laws lived outside of the Sugar Land area.
  • Violations of red light laws were most likely to occur in the afternoon, especially on Saturday afternoon.
  • 90 percent of those who received a violation notice for running a red light did not ever a receive second notice for another violation, which means they did not run a red at an intersection with a camera again.

As these statistics show, putting red light cameras at targeted intersections can make people significantly safer. Making use of the cameras to stop those who are breaking the law and running the light also frees up police to work on other important matters rather than simply monitoring intersections to ensure people are stopping at lights.

When a person is caught on camera running a red, he or she can be subject to a civil fine of $75.00. The proceeds from the fine are split between the state and a Sugar Land City account set up to fund traffic safety programs and other projects including traffic enforcement and the right light cameras.  This penalty acts as a deterrent which prompts people to think twice about running a red. This, in turn, helps to prevent more people from becoming the victim of a traumatic car crash caused by running a red.

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