Russell Brandon struck and killed on bicycle by Big Bs Pizzeria delivery driver

Halloween evening turned tragic for the friends and family of 58-year old Russell Brandon last night when Mr. Brandon was fatally struck by a pizza delivery driver.  The delivery driver worked for Big B’s Pizzeria in Huffman, TX and was driving a Ford Mustang when he struck Mr. Brandon’s motorized bicycle on Huffman-Cleveland near FM2100 around 8:00pm.  According to a report by Channel 11 News, the pizza delivery driver said he did not see Mr. Brandon until it was too late: Mr. Brandon was pronounced dead at the scene.   Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies said both Mr. Brandon and the pizza delivery driver were well known in the Huffman, Texas area and that the driver would not face any charges in the accident. A Channel 2 News report lists the pizza delivery driver’s age as 19 and states that Mr. Brandon was a few blocks from his home at the time of the crash. Mr. Brandon apparently hailed from Scotland and was the father of no less than 11 children.  The Channel 2 report says the pizza delivery Mustang struck Russell from behind. Alison Roth, Mr. Brandon’s daughter is quoted in the Channel 2 report as expressing her concern for how the driver of the Mustang must feel being so young and involved in a fatal accident: Ms. Roth’s gracious concern is very impressive under the circumstances.

Russell Brandon was struck and killed on 10-31-2011 while riding his motorized bicycle by this red Ford Mustang driven by a pizza delivery driver.