School bus and prison bus collide in Galveston injuring 8 students

KHOU Channel 11 News is reporting a collision between a prison bus and a school bus that sent 8 schoolchildren to the hospital. The collision reportedly happened around 7:37AM at 51st Street and Broadway: 16 students were on board the school bus which was headed to the Alamo school campus.  The prison bus was operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The eight injured students were reported to be complaining of head, neck and back pain and were taken to UTMB Galveston for treatment. 14 inmates riding on the prison bus were removed from the bus and placed in a prison van under the watch of prison guards, Galveston I.S.D. police officers and four Galveston police officers. Apparently the crash happened when both buses were turning at the intersection, but further details of the wreck were not included in Channel 11’s story.

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