Smith and Hassler files suit for couple injured in accident with fleeing felon

Smith & Hassler filed a lawsuit in Harris County Civil District Court this week on behalf of a Houston couple who were injured in a November 2010 collision caused by a fleeing felon.  The car accident happened as the couple drove through an intersection on a green light.  The at-fault driver, who was traveling at a high rate of speed while being pursued by an HPD patrol car, ran a red light and smashed into the couple’s Ford Explorer SUV, causing the severe damage shown below. The wife riding in the Explorer was 33-weeks pregnant with the couple’s fourth child at the time of the accident and was transported from the scene by ambulance. The insurance carrier for the at-fault driver was offered an opportunity to settle the claim outside of a lawsuit by offering their insured’s policy limit, but declined to do so.

Damage to Smith & Hassler's client's Ford Explorer SUV