Suspected drunk driver kills 4-year old boy, critically injures 3-year old in crash on Harwin

Houston has another horrific example of the tragedy that can come from drunk driving. A suspected drunk driver lost control of his vehicle last night, crashing into an killing a four-year old little boy and critically injuring his 3-year old brother. The accident happened around 11:00pm on March 17 at Harwin and Parkfront. The 4-year old died at the scene and the 3-year old was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital with burns on 40% of his body; he may be transported to Shriner’s Hospital.
Police say the two brothers were sitting on the porch with their dad who was grilling. The suspected drunk driver was heading westbound on Harwin when he lost control. The car missed a tree, metal staircase and pillar prior to crashing into the boys. The suspected drunk driver was not hurt in the collision and is in custody with charges pending.
God bless the two little boys and their family.
Update: The suspected drunk driver has been identified as Luis Hector Lopez. Lopez has been charged with intoxication manslaughter and is being held without bond. A Channel 2 News story shows a picture of Luis Hector Lopez’ silver-colored Ford Crown Victoria embedded in the front porch of the apartment at 10200 Harwin.

Hector Luis Lopez has been charged with intoxication manslaughter after crashing his Ford Crown Victoria into an apartment porch, killing a 4-year old boy and seriously injuring a 3-year old.

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