Toddler hurt when hit by SUV in Porter, Texas

A 3-year old toddler was hurt when he was hit by an SUV in Porter, Texas which is in Montgomery County. The accident was at around 2:15PM in the 20400 block of Ravenwing Drive at Canary Lane. Investigators said the 3-year old’s mother and aunt were backing the SUV out of the driveway to go to the store when they hit the toddler: they didn’t know he was in the driveway. The 3-year old was flown by helicopter life-light to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was listed in critical condition. The Houston Chronicle reported that the boy sustained head injuries in the accident.

Toddler hurt in auto pedestrian accident in Porter, TX is life-flighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition

The toddler was accidentally backed-over in a tragic accident

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