Two hospitalized after Mustang and Suburban wreck at Gulf Freeway and 610 South

July 28, 2011 collision between a Ford Mustang and a Chevy Suburban on the Gulf Freeway

A two-car collision early morning Thursday July 28, 2011 sent two people to the hospital. Channel 11 is reporting that a red-colored Ford Mustang attempted to exit the Gulf Freeway at the 610 Loop South around 1:00am when it collided with a white-colored Chevrolet Suburban SUV. Reportedly drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital: the driver of the Mustang sustained a broken pelvis.

A car accident is a very disruptive event for most people.  A damaged vehicle may mean you cannot get to work, grocery shop, take your kids to school or sporting events, and so on.  Injuries may mean you are unable to work, hence unable to support yourself or your family due to lost wages.  And not only are you missing income because you are unable to work, but you now have unexpected debts for medical treatment, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Dealing with all of these challenges at once can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have never been involved in an accident before.  If the at-fault driver had insurance, you are probably dealing with requests for information from the insurance company too.  Smith & Hassler firmly believes that the earlier in the process you get sound advice from an experienced personal injury attorney who is willing to listen to you, answer your questions and provide you guidance, the better.  The insurance company will press you early on to give a recorded statement about the accident, your injuries, your medical history and more: don’t do it, the statement is for their benefit, not yours.  You can call or email Smith & Hassler any time for a free consultation on your car accident injury claim.