Two police officers injured in car accident on way to a call

Thursday January 27, 2011: Two City of Houston Police Department officers have been injured in a serious collision in northeast Houston.  The collision was at Havers and E. Tidwell.  According to police the two officers were responding to an emergency call when another vehicle turned in front of them. The front end of the police car crashed into the side of the other vehicle. According to reports, both officers were injured and taken to the hospital, one with a broken ankle and the other with bumps and bruises. The driver of the other vehicle was not hurt and was issued a citation for filing to yield the right-of-way to the police car. Unfortunately traffic accidents are the most common method of death and injury to law enforcement personnel, many of whom spend the majority of their working day on the road, patrolling and responding to calls. Unfortunately the officer with the broken ankle will probably miss a lot of work and income while his/her ankle heals: here’s hoping the vehicle the officers collided with carried the proper liability insurance.

HPD police car showing heavy front end damage due to last night's car accident in Northeast Houston