Five vehicles involved in a collision on Interstate 45 HOV lane

Channel 2 News is reporting a serious accident during this morning’s commute. Four vehicles were involved in a crash at around 8:30am on the Interstate 45 northbound HOV lane near the West Mount Houston road exit. Images from FOX News’ helicopter show several large vehicles including a light blue colored commercial van.

Update: KHOU has released a report on this collision indicating the accident happened when the blue van rear-ended a white van, which caused the white van to flip over and land on a red vehicle. The jaws of life were apparently used to extract a teenage victim from one of the vehicles. The injured were transported to Northwest Memorial Hermann Hospital. The KHOU story does not refer to any of the vehicles involved driving the wrong way.

A story on Channel 2’s website about the crash states that officials had originally thought it was a wrong way crash because two of the vehicles involved came to rest facing one another. Channel 2 said that one man who was extracted from the wreck suffered a broken arm and broken ribs. A story on the Houston Chronicle’s blog provides a clear pictures of the blue van, which appears to belong to Crestmark Construction Services: Crestmark Realty is located on Shepherd Drive in Houston.

This light blue commercial van was one of the four vehicle involved in the head-on crash on the I-45 HOV lane this morning.

A Channel 2 News story identifies this blue colored Crestmark Construction Services van as being at fault for this morning's collision on the I-45 HOV lane

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