Video of speeding Corvettes in The Woodlands shows danger of street racing

A cell phone video of two Corvettes speeding in The Woodlands on Thanksgiving Day has gone viral and may lead to the drivers involved being charged with a crime. The video shows two light-colored Corvettes line up at a red light at the intersection of Woodlands Parkway and Terramont Drive during the day time, and when the light changes they race away. One Corvette is a late model sixth generation, the other a fifth generation model. Gerod Rush was running a Thanksgiving errand when he got in behind the Corvettes at the traffic light and realized something was about to happen, so he started recording the video with his cell phone. Rush said the Corvettes had been racing for a mile previous to the crash incident. Just before the light turned green a father and son can be seen crossing the busy intersection. Shortly after accelerating from the light the driver of the C5 Corvette loses control, swerves into the lane to his left and crashes into the passenger side of the C6 Corvette. While the offense of street racing can be difficult to prove, the video certainly is worth a thousand words. If either Corvette driver is hurt they could face Class B misdemeanors or felony offenses.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Corvette drivers crash in The Woodlands, TX on Thanksgiving Day