Zinc Poisoning from Denture Cream: What You Need to Know

If you use dentures, you may have exposed yourself to dangerous amounts of zinc. You may not even be aware of what’s causing your pain, since the ingredient was not listed on many common brands of denture cream.

Common brands of denture cream, including Fixodent and Super PoliGrip, use zinc as an ingredient to aid in both adhesion and odor control. Zinc is an essential mineral for humans, but too much zinc can lead to a reduction of copper in your body. A copper reduction can lead to neurological disorders.

Denture creams are listed as Class 1 medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means they do not have to list their ingredients on the packaging.

However, the denture cream makers have a duty to inform consumers that zinc is an ingredient. And they have a duty to warn users about serious side effects of denture cream zinc poisoning!

Common side effects of zinc poisoning related to denture cream use include:

Hands and feet feeling numb (paresthesias)

Difficulty in walking

Paralysis in some cases

Abnormal sense of touch or painful sense of touch (dysesthesias)

Loss of sensation

What would you do if you experienced any of these potentially debilitating symptoms? You may be unable to work. You may be unable to pay your bills. You may feel overwhelmed.

While zinc poisoning from dangerous denture cream can turn your life upside-down, you do have options. You may be entitled to compensation. Turn to a Houston law firm experienced in handling complex zinc poisoning cases. At Smith & Hassler, we understand Texas’ complex legal system. Our aggressive products liability attorneys can scrutinize your case and pursue justice for you!

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