Car accident on Lloyd Bentsen Highway in Houston send four to the hospital

KHOU is reporting a serious car accident on westbound Senator Lloyd Bentsen Highway in Houston last night. Three people in a gold-colored Nissan Maxima passenger car were speeding around 2:15am when the Maxima crashed into the back of a slower-moving blue Cadillac. That impact then caused the Cadillac to crash into a taxi cab that was traveling in the next lane over. A man driving the Cadillac, a passenger in the cab and two passengers in the Maxima were taken to hospital for unknown injuries. Presumably the driver of the Maxima was faulted for the collision and probably received a citation for failure to control speed causing a rear-end collision. The KHOU story did not say alcohol was involved. but given the wreck happened in the early hours of the morning and that excessive speed was involved, if it turned out drunk driving were a factor that would hardly be surprising.

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