18 wheeler hits METRO bus on South 610 Loop at Scott Street

Six people were taken to the hospital this morning when they were injured in a collision between a METRO bus and an 18 wheeler. The accident happened on the South 610 Loop frontage road at Scott Street at about 9:30 a.m. The driver of the big rig, the driver of the METRO bus and four bus passengers were injured. According to Channel 11, Houston police later said the driver of the 18-wheeler would be given a citation for running a red light and causing the accident. The 18-wheeler was hauling a load of pipe; the bus sustained damage down most of its passenger side.
18 wheeler accident with METRO bus on South 610 Loop

Photo credit: Channel 11 Houston

METRO bus passengers injured in accident with 18 wheeler

Photo credit: Channel 11 News Houston

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