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Fatal crash on Beltway 8 involving Global Waste Services dump truck: two killed

Houston news outlets are reporting a  four vehicle accident at a Beltway 8 toll plaza around 11:00 a.m. this morning. Two people were killed and several others injured when a Global Waste Services tractor pulling a dumpster trailer crashed into an extended cab pickup truck with four occupants, and then struck a gold-colored Honda occupied by a Precinct 4 Deputy Constable and his wife.  After striking the pickup and the gold Honda, the Global Waste Services truck then collided with another pickup truck waiting at the toll booths; the dump truck then hit a concrete retaining wall and burst into flames.

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Photo credit: Cliff Moore / Houston Chronicle

The driver of the Global Waste Services truck and the driver of the second pickup died at the scene.  The deputy constable, his wife and two of the four people in the extended cab pickup (the first vehicle that was hit) were transported to hospital. According to Channel 2 News Houston, the deputy constable’s wife’s injuries were serious and his injuries were relatively minor.

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Photo credit: Cliff Moore / Houston Chronicle

Per Channel 2’s report investigators “don’t know how the accident happened”, though from what has been reported so far it appears rather clear: the driver of the Global Waste Services truck for some reasons was unable to stop in time and plowed into traffic ahead of him.  A very interesting comment was posted on Channel 2’s web page by an apparent fact witness, who wrote the following:

I actually followed this dump truck from 45 and the beltway. He was swerving all over and actually hit a truck entering the on ramp. I started to call the police because he kept going. Before I realized the toll booth was right ahead and he was not stopping. I stopped about 100 yards behind him and just watch this scene unfold. I am still crying. The poor souls in the toll lane had no idea he was coming. It was a scene out of a movie and I watched as if I were in a theatre. There was a man in the middle of the street. There was debris and fire and glass and people running…it was absolutely insane. I am relieved I was behind him and knew to stay back. I pray for the families of the lives lost. I honestly believe the guy driving the dump truck had to have had some medical emergency.”

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Photo credit: Cliff Moore / Houston Chronicle

Forrest Wayne charged with sex assault of 13-year old he met at Westside Fitness Center

Police in Houston are actively looking for 41-year old fitness instructor Forrest Wayne, formerly employed at Westside Fitness Center, 1200 Wilcrest Drive, Houston. Wayne has been charged with sexual assault of a child. Police say Wayne, working as a fitness instructor at the time, “befriended” the 13-year old girl and used phone calls and text messages to develop a relationship with her.  Police say Wayne’s pursuit of the girl devolved into sexual encounters at the Memorial Inn & Suites located at 9535 Katy Freeway, Houston. The assaults took place between some time in July and October 10th, 2013. The victim is identified in documents filed in connection with Wayne’s criminal charges, but we choose not to identify the girl here to help preserve her privacy.

Westside Fitness Center sexual assault Forrest Wayne personal trainer

Forrest Wayne, age 41

Westside Fitness Center issued a statement to ABC Channel 13 News confirming HPD’s ongoing investigation of the matter, that they took “swift action” once they were alerted to the incident and that they declined further comment. ABC spoke to a few of Wayne’s neighbors at his apartment address, one of whom said they saw Wayne with a small suitcase some weeks ago, apparently preparing to leave. If you have information that would help the police catch up with Forrest Wayne, PLEASE call HPD at 713 731 5356.

As of this morning, Forrest Wayne’s bio is still on the Westside Fitness Center web site (see below). This case raises some serious concerns about how Wayne was able to lure this child away from the fitness center to a motel, and whether better supervision and monitoring of his activities could have prevented what happened.

Forrest Wayne charged with sexual assault of 13-year old girl

Forrest Wayne's bio page on Westside Fitness Center's web site