Judgment expected today against drunk driver who killed 13-year old Nicole Lalime

A judgment is expected in a multi million dollar lawsuit filed by the parents of 13-year old Nicole Lalime, killed by drunk hit-and-run driver John Winne.  The case is pending in the 189th District Court, Harris County. On December 16, 2008 Nicole walked off her school bus and was struck and killed in front of her home and classmates on the school bus. Winne got out of the wrecked white Lexus he was driving and fled: police found him hiding behind a home. John Winne was sentenced to 30 years in prison and is potentially looking at a multi-million dollar civil judgment against him. Nicole’s parents have little to no expectation of ever collecting the full judgment from Winne, but are pursuing the lawsuit to send a message to drunk drivers who often do not face jail time. Nicole’s friends have remained in close contact with Nicole’s parents, texting them almost daily and occasionally staying over at the Lalime’s house.

Nicole’s mother and father are courageous souls to re-live Nicole’s tragic death in order to send this important message in a county that leads the nation in drunk driving fatalities.