Honda Accord driver dies in West Houston collision at Highway 6 and Pine Forest

A deadly collision is being reported the morning of Sunday November 20th in West Houston at the intersection of Highway 6 and Pine Forest. A Chevy Monte Carlo was heading southbound on Highway 6 at around 7:30am when the Monte Carlo collided with a Honda Accord turning from Pine Forest. The Monte Carlo then slid into oncoming traffic where it crashed into a Nissan Sentra. The Monte Carlo caught fire, however quick thinking workers at a nearby golf course ran to the scene and put out the fire with extinguishers. A man who was driving the Honda Accord was killed instantly. The driver and passenger of the Monte Carlo and the driver and passenger of the Sentra were both transported to hospital to be treated. Police think one of the cars ignored a red light and they are trying to figure out which car was at fault. The Chronicle’s report is available here and states the driver of the Monte Carlo passed away at the hospital.

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